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Welcome to the Cuyahoga County Help Me Grow Website

What is Help Me Grow?

Help Me Grow is a state-wide program for expectant parents, newborns, infants, and toddlers that provides health and developmental services so that children start school healthy and ready to learn. Services are designed with the family’s concerns and goals in mind. Help Me Grow is offered on a voluntary basis to families prenatal to when their child turns three. Help Me Grow supports families with newborns, infants, and toddlers by giving health information, positive parenting education, and connecting families to community resources. 

Why work with a child who is so young?

80% of the brain is wired for learning by age three. The earlier you help a child, the easier and more important your efforts are. Did you know that the early experiences your baby or toddler has are shaping the way her/his brain will learn and react to life?  Early experiences last a lifetime! Investing in early childhood is one of the few investments that has been found to consistently provide a large positive return on investment. 

What is home visiting?

Home visiting programs have a long tradition of working with families in their homes. Home visits are available to families in Help Me Grow to offer support, education, and community referrals. Home visits vary according to the family’s needs and utilizes an evidenced-based curriculum.

Prenatal home visits include helping the family establish a medical home and providing prenatal health information.  After the child is born, home visits help family provide a nurturing early environment for their child. Visits help families support their child’s health and development and provides parenting education. 

What if a parent is worried that their infant or toddler is behind in their growth and development?

Every child grows differently. But for all children, certain steps must be taken to reach the next stage of growth. If a child is missing one of these steps or milestones, they may have a delay in one area of development, such as language, thinking, physical, or emotional skills. By helping a child early, the child can be more ready for school. 

Where do families go with their questions about their child’s development?

Families often talk with their doctor about concerns. The doctor can make a referral to Help Me Grow. Or, the family can call Help Me Grow directly at 216.698.7500 to talk with someone about how their child is doing. Help Me Grow will help the family find the services that best meet the needs of the family. 

Children are ready and eager to learn!

Our future is our children and Help Me Grow is here to help young children grow, learn, and develop to their fullest potential!  Just click on one of the tabs above to learn more about our program and to sign up for services.


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