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One of the easiest things you can do to keep your baby safe is to give them a safe place to sleep. Cuyahoga County Help Me Grow is a proud member of our local safe sleep campaign which promotes the ABC’s of safe sleep: “Babies should sleep Alone, on their Backs, in a bare naked Crib.” How will you know if you have a safe sleep space for your baby? Follow these important tips and share them with anyone who may be watching your baby while they sleep.

  • Baby is put to sleep on his/her back (remember, babies need supervised tummy time when they are awake to help them grow)
  • Baby sleeps on a firm mattress in a crib, pack-n-play or bassinette
  • Baby sleeps alone
  • Baby does NOT sleep on a couch, sofa or other soft furniture
  • Baby sleeps in a “bare naked” crib
  • Baby sleeps in an area that is free of toys, bumper pads, pillows, loose blankets or other soft items
  • Dress the baby, not the bed. Use a sleep sack or appropriate pajamas for the temperature of the room
  • Keep the temperature of the room cool but comfortable
  • Baby can be offered a pacifier at sleep time
  • Baby sleeps in a smoke free, drug free, alcohol free environment

For more information on safe sleep, take a look at this Safe Sleep Brochure.



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